My RGB encoder feature request

Looks like we all have different ideas for the RGB encoders. I’ll put in my own request.

my plan for the encoders is to have different modes, e.g. where my encoders control track levels for each of 8 tracks, where they control randomness for each track, or where they control level, randomness, and other attributes for a single track. I’d like to color-code. so levels are red, randomness is blue and so on. I could use banks for this, but then I only have a fixed number of combos, and (so I’ve heard) banks take up a lot of memory (at least on my controller with almost 200 elements!).

Instead, I’d like a separate way to set the color for an encoder. my thought is just to use a note message, with the velocity selecting from the same palette as for buttons. so for example, maybe I assign the encoder to controller 16 on channel 2, and then I assign (say) note 16 on channel 2 to its color feedback. if I send note 16 with velocity=1, then the encoder would turn red.

Hi Mike!

This one is interesting, it got us thinking and we came up with this possible solution.

Adding a separate message for the color coding can be tricky, cause, like you say, we need the same firmware to be able to accomodate all the possibilities for hardware configurations.
We are already working on an improved Kilomux with more memory, but for the moment we have to think of memory cheap solutions :slight_smile:

For example, listening to the same message configured for the rotary feedback (which also needs to update the encoder’s value), on channel 16. Same way we did with the VUMETER CC feature, but in this case you can configure the rotary feedback to listen to channel 16 and set the last value received to index a color from the table.

Let me know your thoughts!

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yes, that would work fine! as long as there’s a way to send that color message.

One tip for anyone trying to use encoder color to indicate function (e.g. I want the encoder to be red when controlling level, blue when controlling filter or whatever). the encoder “buttons” (the large segment at the bottom) can be set to colors just like regular buttons. so until I can change the encoder colors on the fly, I’m using the encoder button color to indicate function.