NEW LIVE15 Video on our YT channel, more videos to come!

A new video overview of LIVE15 Ableton controller is out on our YT channel! We are working on video-making so we can share more about our hardware, releases, tutorials, and more. Please subscribe and give it some love to help us in this journey :smiley:

What other videos you would like to see next?


I need to see a video showing in detail how the script works. One of the things I’m interested in seeing is how extensible and customizable it is. I’d like to see parameter mapping for the encoders that equals or surpasses the capabilities of Preditor 2. And I need to see some truly amazing sequencer modes for the grid. Basically, I want you to build the capabilities of Oxi One, Numerology, and Fors Opal with hardware control into this thing.

And I’d like to see an Ipad companion app that can display parameter names and help with mode-switching, shift functions and general UI feedback.

If Live15 had all that, it would be totally worth $1623 and I could get rid of four controllers and replace them with this.

And you might consider offering an alternative form-factor that trades height for width the top and bottom sections side-by-side instead of stacked–or even in separate housings but still addressable by one control script.