No digital LED feedback

Reaper sees input and output of controller and I’m turning stuff on and off that I’ve assigned to buttons on the controller.

But I have no LED feedback. The encoders have LED feedback when I turn them but not the buttons.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @manymanyhaha! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I would try to spy on the messages that Reaper is sending to the controller with a MIDI monitor.

  • Was this working before and stopped?
  • Did this start happening after upgrading to v0.16?

There is one important change with v0.16 regarding LED feedback for digitals and encoder switches.
It is there as one of the notes for the release:

  • IMPORTANT CHANGE: Encoder switch’s feedback and Digital’s feedback now turn on with MAX VALUE and off with MIN VALUE. Live sets might require rework.

So before LED’s would turn on with whatever value was received different than 0, now they will turn ON only when the MAX value is received and OFF whenever the MIN value is received.

Please let us know more about the issue and we’ll work on solving it.


I’ve tried midi-ox and a couple others and if there is a connection between the controller and reaper, the midi monitors will say the computer is out of memory. According to researching this error, it is because the midi connection does not want to be shared. Any suggestions/insights?

No, this is the first time I’ve started to set-up this controller with what I want to do with it. It’s been a long year!

I did upgrade to 0,16. I will try to figure out what values Reaper is sending.

Reaper is a funny creature, highly configurable and as such, difficult sometimes to determine the problem when something doesn’t work. The other problem is that the buttons are only working when the thing I am controlling is in focus, which shouldn’t be happening with the current settings. So. I don’t know. I think I might fire up Ableton and see if feedback is working there. That will tell me if it is Reaper or something else.

Appreciate the feedback about getting some feedback, hardy har.

Hello @manymanyhaha!

Sorry for the delay.

In windows you can only have one application at the same time using the MIDI ports, otherwise you will get error messages like these. Make sure you only use the IN or OUT ports in one application at the time.

If you are using Windows it is a bit tricky to spy on messages like we’d need to, you need a virtual port (like midi yoke) to send the messages out of reaper and catch them with MIDI OX.

Let us know what you get out of further tests!