No feedback pass a certain CC#?

New owner here and I love this thing! I’m having an issue where I created another bank and the rotaries on that bank have no feedback when I turn the knob in my DAW. I’m not in front of my setup right now but some the rotaries do have feedback. I’m noticing that rotaries and buttons with CC# higher than (I don’t remember… 75?) are not display feedback from the DAW. All other rotaries and buttons feedback works. I’ve double checked the configurations and all the settings are the same (Local, USB, Midi feedback)
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Eric! Welcome to our forum!

Could you post here the corresponding .ytx file that you get when you Save to desktop your controller’s configuration?

That could help us track the issue.

If you used the “Add bank” function to add a new bank, try using the “Duplicate bank” function instead and let us know if something changed.


Here ya go !

Also, I found a bug where I lose connection after I send the configuation to my device. So I always have to refresh and reload configuration.

Oh it wouldn’t allow me to upload a file here because I’m a new user.

i also experience something similar. i dont know if i can find a logic behaviour when it happen. in my case for example cc101 doesnt get the right control feedback from ableton


Sorry for the late reply here.

Did you solve this issue with the “Duplicate bank” tip?

@linden I found why CC 101 is troublesome.
We are working on a possible fix for the next firmware update, which will come shortly.

The problem is CC 101 and CC 99 are the first CC messages of NRPN and RPN messages.
When the controller receives them, it waits for the following message to see if it’s a NRPN or a RPN message, and thus it doesn’t update.

This is necessary if the controller has NRPN or RPN messages configured, but we will prevent this from happening if it’s not the case.

For now, I suggest staying away from these CCs