No-Go's for my perfect MIDI Controller

Hey Yaeltex-Team!

Congratulations to your company brand / idea and concepts. I wish most success for this to all of you!

I have several questions regarding your Controllers! As a live-act it is always a dream to have THE PERFECT controller in front of me. Three things still hold me back to buy a Yaeltex, nevertheless your idea and product is close to perfection…

  1. Why there is the LOGO on the front-panel? It kills unnecessary space imho. There is not even the option to select if the logo should be left or right. I would love to have the controller front panel completely for elements!

  2. If you put in a joystick, there are 4x4 squares left and there is no other element for this to fill this gap unless you put in a second joystick which I would not need. Why there are no single buttons to put into this? 4 Single buttons in a square would be cool. Or at least single button and single knob. Then you can fill up a 4x4 customly.

  3. The vertical XL controller seems to have the MIDI / USB cable come out on the side of the controller. For me as a live act on a DJ table this is a mess… Is there the opportunity to have come out of the back for all the cables?

Thank you for your service, and kind regards,


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Hey @timfdressler

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the wishes and feedback.

That “empty” space where the status LED, Logo, and name of the controller are, is actually where the main board of the controller fits. So even without the logo, you couldn’t place an element in that space, because the interior of the controller is taken by the mainboard (aka Kilomux). That same place, from the side of the controller, is where the MIDI and USB connectors are because they are also mounted in the Kilomux. We are aware that having the full panel available would be great! It might happen in future design iterations.

Yes, that is correct within the current possibilities. Our framework is designed to grow. We plan to add new elements to the system over time, with new components, new sizes, and more. We are a small team but working very hard to make it happen. Hopefully, you will have new design possibilities in the future that let you achieve your design ideas.

The available vertical L controller is basically a 90-degree rotation of a horizontal one, which means a larger production of the same case, which makes them cheaper for our customers. We are aware that the side cables are not the best for everyone, but we think is a good compromise as a start. Being able to move the position of the connectors and the Kilomux itself is been a request before, and even is not a priority, we take it into account for future development. For computer use, we suggest using 90-degree USB cables.


Hey Mateo,

thank you for the big response! I knew this was coming: a senseful engineeric explanation for all my complains! :smiley:

Nevertheless it is really awesome that a team from Argentina can compete around the world, designing better MIDI controllers ! I really appreciate all your efforts and wish you all the best.

Another question regarding the design: if you put in the big knobs, is the panel design (dots, stripes or solid line) around the knob not visible anymore? it seems that at least the stripes point out a little bit.

Another Idea: Would it be possible to “print” a white block just under each knob?? I would love to have this design, because one could use a non-permanent marker to write own stuff and wipe it out as many times you want. I know this is nothing that could be done quickly, but maybe you implement that as an option in a further iteration. :smiley:



Thanks Tim!

Yep, the current indicators are pretty much covered when using big knobs. Adding more indicator variations is on the short term priority list, so you will see new options and variations soon :slight_smile:

You can also design your own indicators and upload them as a background. The “Template” button when selecting backgrounds lets you download a reference svg for precise placement of the designs.

Good idea, I took note. There are currently two ways to do this. One would be the same as the one I mentioned above, designing it in illustrator or other software and upload it as a background image. There is another that even I didn’t knew it was possible, but your question made me curious to try out, and it worked. I just added white text with white background in the labeling menu :stuck_out_tongue: