Noise on faders

Hi, I’ve got noise on some faders, meaning they quickly send adjacent values.
Any way to get rid of this ?

Hi @louiswarynski!
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I am sorry to hear you have some noise in your faders.
Some users are reporting a bit of noise on faders as well.

Did something unusual happen before you detected the appearance of this noise?

We found that sometimes USB cable defects can introduce noise in the power supply of the controller. One thing to try is to change the USB cable and check if the noise goes away.

If you are using an external power supply, we also found that cheap power supplies might introduce noise in the analog components. You could try unplugging the power supply and working solely with USB cable to see if there’s a change.

If none of this helps, we could make a support ticket and continue troubleshooting with a video call.

Looking forward to your comments!

No power supply used. Tried with another USB cable, same issue.
Also there is some bleeding on adjacent faders.


We’ll continue via email then and set up a call for support!


i have the same problem - i tried to change the usb cable but didnt help…

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Get in touch with the support, they were able to provide a solution.

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hi linden!

We’ll open a support ticket for you and continue via email ok?

Sounds good I already sent a support request via the contact form