OFF LED Value - feature request

It would be super useful for me to be able to set an LED value for the “off” status.
So when set to feedback “value to color” maybe there could also be an option to set an “off” value

For example this would let you color the encode usefully even when midi mapped parameters are not selected.

Lets say you have a button set to toggle an effect. You can use LED feedback to make it a certain color when its ON, but when off, it always goes to black. It would be great to have it not black :slight_smile:

Hello @matt!

I think of two ways to make this happen:

  1. If you want to use the Value to color feature, and you use a remote script, you can set the script to send a different value than 0 for the OFF state.
  2. In the upcoming firmware update we are rolling out a feature that will let you choose to have the buttons dim for the OFF state, like the banks are dimmed now.

Eventually we’d like to make the color table editable so you can put any colour you like in each value.

Let me know your thoughts and I hope you can work with this for the moment.

thanks @francoytx!
I will wait for the firmware update. I think its really useful to be able to do this ‘without’ a script. Scripts are great, but for me, ‘standard’ midi mapping is also quick and flexible.
Re the ‘dim’ - as I put in another post, it would be great if the dim was a bit dimmer! I struggle to see the difference sometimes between the dim and bright status
thank you!