One button to change between multiple banks?


I am wondering if it is possible to have one button that allows me to switch between multiple banks?
For example, if i push this button once, the grid becomes bank 1 and green. If i push it again, bank 2 and red. Again bank 3 and yellow, and so on as needed, until returning again to bank 1.

One bank button. Instead of using multiple bank buttons.

Is this possible?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, @matt-5752! Welcome to the forum.

It’s not possible at the moment, it’s on the to-do list.
We are working on a new (offline) Kilowhat, We will likely include the “cycle through banks” feature when we launch the new app.

Thanks for your reply! Very cool!

Ideally I would use an arcade button to change through the banks, with the arcade button’s tiny led identifying the color of the currently selected bank. If you could implement this, it would be wonderful! Thanks again :slight_smile: