Options for user mods

If one leaves open space in the case, is the space internally available for packing in other equipment? I’d be very tempted to place a RaspberryPi inside - or perhaps a smaller Cortex M4 based board and pack more functionality inside the case for my live rig.

Will the code for the microcontroller that runs in the case be open source? Another avenue would be to extend that code… I’d be looking and building in some custom software like a MIDI sequencer / looper. I currently do these sorts of things with an external Raspberry Pi… but it would be great to have it all in one case!

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Dear Mark,
If you leave empty space on the front panel it will be empty on the inside. That been said, it will be a hack on your side, which we like, of course.

Yes, the code is open-source, you can freely play with it.
Here is the repo if you want to take a look: https://gitlab.com/yaeltex/ytx-controller