Push 3 Standalone - Script Magic Handshake

Have any of the Push 3 Standalone owners figured out the secret handshake needed for your Yaeltex script to automatically work on the new push, like the APC and other standard supported control surfaces do?

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Could it possibly be a matter of naming convention?

Scripts are obviously working for the standard supported control services, so I imagine there might be a way to make a custom control script work, if the magic handshake is deduced.

FYI, so far I have copied the remote script folder from my computer user library to the push standalone user library. The Yaeltex controller shows up on the standalone as a midi device, but they don’t yet give the option of manually selecting a control surface script.

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Hey Neil,
From what I heard, It’s not currently possible to upload custom remote scripts to the unit.

But, one way to take a look at what going on would be to open the 2 APC working scripts in a text editor and make a code comparison to see what changed.