Relative Mode - Jump to Center

Is it possible to double click an encoder to jump to center when the encoder is in relative mode?
Is the center dependent on the position of the encoder when it’s in relative mode?
But yet the manual states “This value is the midpoint between MIN and MAX values configured in and”
For some reason this doesn’t work when I’m in relative mode.

If it doesn’t work in relative mode, can we add another option under “switch double” to return to center in any mode?


Hello @ericgma!

The encoder double click function does indeed “work” for relative modes also.
If you select the double click function to jump to MIN, CENTER or MAX, the encoder will send a CC message with the MIN value you configured, with the CENTER value between MIN and MAX, or with the MAX value you configured in Kilowhat.
This behavior is actually incorrect for relative modes and we’ll fix it.

The problem comes with the interpretation of these messages by the receiving end.
If you set a software or a hardware to receive and interpret encoder messages in relative mode, the CC messages are interpreted very differently, and the value sent is not directly the absolute position to which the parameter must jump.

Since in the relative modes, it’s impossible for the controller to know which are the MIN and MAX (and therefore CENTER) values for a software parameter.
In relative modes, the receiving end is in charge of keeping track of the absolute values.

To sum up, the receiving end should be prepared to receive both absolute and relative values, for the encoders to be able to set them absolutely and relatively at the same time.

Hope it is clearly explained.
Let me know if I can further help!