Remote Bank problem


i wanted to know if it is possible to turn off the behaviour that the controller sends a program change when a bank change happens and only receives the program change.

not sure if i chose the right category…

my setup is based around 4 instrument tracks in ableton live and i want to be able that the controller autmatically switches to the right bank for the instrument.
basically this works however when i manually change a bank ( i have 8 ) it sends a program change and all instruments who are listening in the midi input are affect -> change the sound.

i could only listen to one midi channel of course but then i cannot use my push alongside anymore. it would be neat to just have another option there ore maybe i am missing something.

It would be cool if the bank change could send a normal midi cc message this way i could just map it much more easily


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Hello @linden!

Welcome to the forum!

At the moment your request is not available, and the Remote Banks feature will both be used to send a program change when a bank is changed and also to switch to a bank when a Program Change in channel 16 is received.

I’ll move this topic to the feature request category and write down the request to split these functionalities into 2 different features (send and receive) and also be able to configure which message to send (PC, CC, NOTE)

Thanks for reaching us about this :slight_smile: