Replacement Fader and Encoder Caps

Has anyone replaced their fader caps or encoder caps? I am curious what manufacturers/sizes fit.

Mateo was nice and sent me these two images, but honestly, I’m not sure how to translate these images to what I see on sites like or

Does anyone have any information on what fits?

Hi, as fas as I know none of the ones from cooler caps will work as they are all D shaft fittings, and the Yaeltex use T18 shaft fittings.
So any T18 knob will fit, but I found that the shaft height on the Yaeltex means that you need quite high knobs for them to reach down to the faceplate
My favourite ones are the Davies 1106 WA (White) which you can get from Mouser or Digikey or similar. In this picture, these are the ones that are on most of the pots. The ones on the top left and bottom right are smaller pots which dont reach down to the faceplate. The Davies ones are in the middle rows and on the bottom left


Thanks for the thoughts, @matt.

To be clear, I’m looking to swap out encoder caps, not pot caps. The encoders do use D shafts, but to your point, it’s the height I’m concerned about getting right.

Also, do you know if 4mm fader caps would fit the faders?

Thanks again.

oh! Sorry i totally mis-read the original question :-\

Those Davies ones look great! I wish my controller had pots so I could get some

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Here are the dimensions;

Encoders Shaft:
Diameter: 6 mm
Type: D / Flatted
Total Length: 15 mm (the inner hole in the cap you have in your controller is 12,75 mm)

Fader shaft:
Long 4 mm
Width 1.2 mm
Total Length 15 mm (the inner hole in the cap you have in your controller is 10 mm)

Potentiometer Shaft:
Type: Knurled / Slotted
Diameter: 6 mm
Total Length: 20 mm (the inner hole in the cap you have in your controller is 16 mm)

For swapping the encoders caps I would suggest getting a plastic tool like the ones used to open smartphones. Because they fit super tight and some strength is needed, is a good idea to use some fabric in between the plastic tool and the front panel when prying off the cap.

@Ale thank you for providing the information.

Do you have any experience with “screw set” knobs and your encoders? Technically, I know that the side screw type knobs work with D-Shaft, but I’m not sure about setting the height right so I cover as much of the bolt as possible, but still have space to “click” the encoder switch. Can you provide any further details that would help me get that right?

For example, here is a knob that I think would look good on my top row, but I’m still uncertain if I am translating your specs and its specs well:

Hey @Neil, no prob.

Not really, but let’s see if we can sort it out.

  • The maximum bottom diameter of the cap can’t exceed 18 mm (because otherwise, you would cover the pipe lights). And in any case, it can’t exceed 35 mm for any component as 35x35 mm is the “master grid size” of the framework.

  • The push switch has 1 mm of travel, so you want to at least have 2 mm of clearance there, but depending on the cap’s inner diameter at the bottom you may have to leave another 2 mm for the nut (the nut diameter is 11.5 mm).

They look nice, but they won’t work, the diameter on the base is 38 mm.

Sadly many of those caps data sheets are so badly done that it’s not easy to find the right one.
It may be a good idea to get one and try it before buying all of them, but I know shipping costs can turn that one into a bad idea.

Let me know if that helps,

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@Ale, thank you so much! This is exactly the detail I need to make such decisions. I really appreciate you taking the time to share these mockups and measurements. I’m all set!



Very happy to have received my Yaeltex controller yesterday!

I wanted to share that I had ordered some Large Skirted knobs from Thonk and they fit perfectly! The skirt covers the nut, and there is still enough clearance at the bottom for the switch/push (see top row).

@Ale provided very detailed descriptions and depictions (thank you again), yet there was one detail that I overlooked. I also purchased some fader knobs, but I did not pay close attention to the shaft height and ordered fader caps that work with shorter shafts. Totally my mistake on that.

Does anyone know of any examples or brands of “mixer-style” caps that have 10mm shaft depth? I personally prefer those types of fader caps that I can “push”, as opposed to the types of cap that you “pinch.”

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Congratulations! And wow, those encoder knobs look damn good! We designed the encoder LED ring with enough inner diameter so a larger knob could fit if desired, and this is a perfect use for that.

Yes, that’s a common problem with the most common caps in our 45mm faders. We did some research in order to offer mixer-style knobs (we know many prefer them) but still haven’t reached the perfect one.

As a reference, these would be the default cap dimensions

I found some (not tested) deep-shaft-mixer-style-knobs that might work. Be sure to ask the seller about the shaft length before ordering. 10mm depth would be perfect.

These on Ebay

These I’ve found in Amazon

Other ones
Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 17.27.19

Hope it helps! Let us know if you find something else :slight_smile:

Thank you for the recommendations. FYI, the vendors that responded said the shaft depths on these are 5mm.

I will keep looking and let you know if I find anything that fits.
In the meantime, I am happy with the standard faders.

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Before I had received responses from other sellers I purchased these off Amazon. Here is what they look like for reference. The shaft depth is too shallow.

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For those that would like “push faders” for your Yaeltex controller, I found an option that is workable.

The shaft depth on the Cliff CS1A is still a little shallow, but close enough that I plan to use them.

I purchased them here:

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Dang, sorry for the wrong recommendation on these ones!

Yeah I saw these CLIFF ones and was planning to get some samples. They look not optimal but better. Do you find them confortable to use? They also offer red ones.

Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

No problem, @MateoFY. I appreciate your effort to help.

Like you said, the Cliff caps are not optimal visually, but from a usability standpoint, they feel good on my fingers and will work fine for my needs.

I’ll keep an eye out over time for the “perfect” option, but for now, I will use these Cliff caps for improved personal ergonomics.


As a general update for those that are interested… in the end…I like the original Yaeltex fader caps the best. :smile:


Personally, I’m not a fan of the fader caps, I think I will try to 3 print some…

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