Replacing encoders with knobs

I love my controller but after playing with it for a while I want to change the encoders to knobs. I like how I can turn the knobs super fast and the encoders get stuck too often to do this.

Is it possible to order some replacement knob parts and for me to replace the encoders myself?

Hello Rob,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Swapping encoders and knobs is not a clean and easy fix, but is possible to do. We did a lot of encoder reading improvements lately that will be out in the next firmware update (0.20), with an estimated release in about a month. One of the main improvements is on the encoder speed modes, where we added a “faster” option that allows you to go from minimum to maximum value in a shorter and much more potentiometer-like turn. I strongly suggest you try it out before swapping the modules.

If you want, we could send you a custom pre-release of the new encoder reading part of the firmware for you to test.

Send me an email to mat @ if you wish to explore that option first.