Resolume Arena freezing, controller stops working

Hi, I don’t know if this issue is caused by my midi controller or just a software issue, but it hadn’t happened before I started using my new Yaeltex controller (of course there have also been software updates so I don’t know for sure)

I have a PC Dell Alienware laptop.
I’m using VJ software Resolume Arena.
Sometimes while I’m practicing with Resolume and the midi controller suddenly the controls stop working. The lights on the controller work but there’s no communication with the software.
At the same time this happens most of the parameters on the Resolume software interface also remain frozen so I can’t control them with my mouse/trackpad either.
When the problem occurs I can still load clips and save but I can’t adjust any of the sliders or effect controls.
Unplugging the controller and plugging in again doesn’t help.
I have to reload the Resolume Composition at least once to get it working again.
If i try restarting the software when the problem occurs it usually won’t open, and sometimes even after I’ve rebooted my laptop the software struggles to open.

Does this sound to you guys like it could be caused by my MIDI controller?
Thanks for any advice!
Suzybee :slight_smile:

Hey @suzybee!
That’s weird.

Try the following to see if we can isolate the issue,

Connect the controller straight to the computer, without a USB hub, and plug your computer into the power supply. Also, try a different USB port on your pc, sometimes they are not all the same.

Move a component on the controller, if you can see the activity light (the one in the middle of the Yaeltex logo on your controller) flashing, the controller is sending messages and a solid sign that is working.

Test Resolume without any controller attached and see if the problem persists and then with some other controller if you have one around.
You can also try connecting the controller to other software and check if you get expectable results there.

Because of this…

…and this…

…it sounds like a software issue or maybe an issue with the USB port…but let’s wait and see how those tests work before jumping to conclusions.

Let me know how it goes,

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Hi Ale,
Thankyou so much for your extremely helpful reply!
I can see the logic with all your suggestions so I will try them all out.
The activity light is flashing even when the problem is happening so that’s good.
Also I’m not using a USB hub and the laptop is plugged in, but I will try a different USB port.

Also when practicing tonight I noticed on a few short occasions there was a significant time delay from when I moved the Yaeltex controls to the corresponding result happening in the software, and when it did respond it was very slow motion. There wasn’t any frame dropping on the visuals which would usually happen when the computer was overloaded. I wonder if this could be anything to do with me not currently using a power supply for my midi controller? (i should have that tomorrow)…

I won’t be able to try all those suggestions before my gig this weekend so I’ll try some while I’m practicing over the next couple of days and try others (like experimenting for long periods without the controller or with my old controller) after the gig.

Also hopefully getting the power supply might help…

Thanks, I really appreciate your kind support and technical experience, it helps me to feel less anxious about my problem. I am also in touch with the Resolume support but they’re not familiar with the issue so it’s really helpful to get your feedback too.
I’ll get back to you when I have some news on my progress.
Suzybee :slight_smile:

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The power supply I ordered arrived yesterday AND there was a new software update for Resolume at the same time, and although I’d had a bad software freeze I couldn’t get out of that morning, after I used the power supply and installed the software update the freeze problem hasn’t happened so far … fingers crossed one of those two things may have solved it …praying to my lucky stars…
At the very least it seems more stable.
I’ll let you know if there’s any developments…
Thanks for your help!!
Suzybee :slight_smile:

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Keep us posted!