RGB buttons stay in color from different bank

I’m not sure if it’s bug, or I missed something, but I’ve noticed strange behaviour while using various banks. On BANK 1 (midi channel 1) I have mapped RGB buttons for clip launch in Ableton, and same buttons on BANK 2 (midi channel 2) are mapped to execute various tasks on my PC (these tasks never sends any feedback messages). While clip in Ableton is stopped, colors changing properly while switich banks, but while I start playing clip in Ableton, then after switching bank to 2, and returing to bank 1, I see color of RGB button from bank 2 (on playing clip button). Correct color is back after stopping clip. The situation occurs regardless of whether the button sends a message type NOTE, CC or PC. The situation is only one-sided, i.e. the RGB buttons used in Ableton to launch clips take over the color from another bank while playing specific clip.

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…i had a similar strange behaviour with colour feedback for different banks and somehow solved it by activating the „local“ feedback function for the dedicated button, sending the new setup to the device and after that i could deactivate the „local“ feedback again (and then sending this setup to the controller)…maybe try this…

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Hello @daniel.sikorski and @bbaker, and welcome to our forum!

Sounds like a bug. I will take note of it and try to reproduce it when I come back from holiday :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

i don’t know if you were able to reproduce this issue but i can confirm that my solution (setting “local” feedback for the dedicated knob, sending this to the device and then removing “local” again and sending this to the controller again) does the trick!..today i “repaired” 3 knobs this way…
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Hello @daniel.sikorski!

I am trying to understand and replicate your setup in order to get the behaviour you mentioned.

Could you please share your configuration, meaning the .ytx file?

Were you using a script or did you directly map the buttons to the clip grid?
Were you using the value to color feature for the buttons?