Ribbon or Touch Controller

Hello, I have been enjoying my Yaeltex controller for about a year or so. It really isthe most advanced and functional of MIDI controllers on the market today.

One thing I would love to see added to the hardware is a ribbon or touch based controller with visual feedback. I use my Yaeltex to control various synths that benefit from ribbon control, like the Kurzweil VAST system. Are there any plans for integrating ribbon or touch controllers?

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Hey @dialecticsines, welcome to the forum!
It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying your controller.

We have a very long list of new elements we would love to add that we are prioritizing by demand.
There is some demand for ribbons, they are definitely on the “nice to have” list, just not first.

There is also an idea for a sort of universal patcher (multipurpose with support for CV in/out?) where users could hot-plug sensors (ribbons for example) to it.