Selecting banks

Hi. I’m loving my Yaeltex Midi Controller and have already played out with it. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around Bank selecting. Is there a guide to setting up bank selection ?

OK. I found an explanation for assigning the buttons to select Banks. How do I select Banks from Ableton?

…with banks you have the ability to map your components totally new…there is no “bank” in ableton, just map another set of ableton parameters to your controller…to do this you have to select different midi channels for each bank…this way you could map your controller to e.g. not only one but two or three plugins…

Let me clarify. I have 3 banks set up in the controller. I have 3 buttons set up to switch between them. All 3 are mapped in different ways to my Ableton set. Everything works perfectly. What I want to do is send messages from Ableton to change which bank is active. The same way the buttons work except coming from Ableton.

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If you configured banks within Kilowhat, then the only way to change Banks remotely is with the feature called “Remote Banks”

You can send Program Change messages in a channel of your choosing to select the bank you want to jump to.
In Ableton this could be done using a remote script or a Max for live device.

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To trigger the bank change you could also use the PG section on a midi clip.
Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 14.54.19

Thank you, friends. I got it working. I’m performing tonight!