Serato Sample Mapping


How are we?
Im having trouble mapping my controller to Seato Sample:

My problem is that, the level, filter, attack and release cc parameters are independent for each slice. This means that i can only use the encoder to change parameters for the selected slice only. If i map the attack to an encoder for more than one slice, the attack changes for all the mapped slices at the same time, even when the other slice is not selected. I want to be able to change those parameters for the selected slice only, like in the digitakt.

The cc values are labeled by ‘Cue’ for each slice:

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 10.46.41

So slice 11 and slice 12, etc.

I hope i explained myself correctly. :
Can anyone think of any creative or technical way around this?
Should I email Serato?

Kind regards

Hi @jacques.griffith

Mm, no. No idea.
A usual trick is to run multiple instances in rack chains, but not practical with sample slices.

Try asking the Serato guys to implement some sort if “in focus” control.
Out of curiosity, what are the benefits from this one over Simpler or Sampler?