Setting the printed project name in Factory

Hello! Please let us set the text that is printed on the panel of our designs to be something different from the name we have assigned to the project. Several of my designs should have the same simple text, but of course the project names have to be distinct in Kilowhat.

Workaround: you can add spaces before your project name and they don’t seem to show on the design. so you can name your projects “project”, " project", and " project" and they will all display as “PROJECT”, or that’s how it looks in Kilowhat.


I’m not sure it will happen very soon, but i’m adding your request to the wish list.

As a work around you could add the version of your design to the “project” name (x ex: Dumbo 1, Dumbo 2, etc) and change it when you are sure which design goes into fab. If the final design does not mach the final name on it, you can delete the design with the wished name (to clear the name from the db), from the “unfinished projects” page, and edit the one going into fabrication.

I hope that makes sense.

Just ordered my controller with my preferred name on it :slight_smile:


I moving this thread to the Factory section (and edit the title), just for future clarity.