Sharing CC and Channel between banks breaks takeover mode

Hi all, I’ve found a bug

I’m using 4 identical banks in my setup with different channels for each one (let’s say channels 1,2,3 and 4). I also need some “global” faders so there are a couple of faders that are using channel 5, this means: bank 1 is using channel 1 for almost everything except these global faders on channel 5, bank 2 is using channel 2 for almost everything except these global faders on channel 5, etc.

Everything is fine except takeover mode is not working as it should.

If I set takeover mode to “pick up” and I’m on bank 1 I can use it without problem. When I switch to bank 2 and move the same global fader I have to go back to 0 to pick it up, Its like switching banks reseted the stored value and it is the same CC and the same Channel so it should be shared between banks

With takeover mode “value scaling” happens something similar

Of course, using “none” works perfectly since there is no value to be stored by the firmware

I’m using FW 0.22 . If this bug is a firmware error I’ll be happy to downgrade, please let me know.

Sorry for the long post but it was hard to explain.


Hey @leandrogarber!

Sorry for the delayed answer.
Yep, there seems to be a bug there, we’ll work on it for the next firmware version.
It’s not only for v0.22.

This being said, do you have any way to get feedback of the values of each fader?

Takeover mode works well with received MIDI for the faders, so if it receives a value that applies to all the banks, when the bank is changed, it will have that value stored to apply the corrections.

Otherwise, it seems that with no takeover mode applied, you got the desired behavior, is this correct?

Yes, thanks for checking that out.

I’me using no take over mode and it has been working perfectly