Show duplicate ccs

It would be nice if there is a notification if a exactly the same cc is already in use since it is hard to have an overview of all the controllers in use

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Hi @linden!

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the request, and you’re absolutely right

you can use the filter and search function, if you want to double check, and maybe it’ll help, but I agree an alert would it very helpful.

We’ll add it to the feature request list and work on it :slight_smile:


Ah thanks - was not aware of the search feature! maybe then the notification isnt needed

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i have the same “problem” of not knowing exactly which ccs i’ve already used since i have a lot of SHIFT ROTARY ACTION (SRA) programmed…

would it be possible to show both ccs for the encoder on the card when a SRA is in use?



Hi @bbaker!

It is possible, for sure, we’d need to redesign the card a bit, but we could find a way to present the encoder switch’s configuration as well as the rotary’s.

For now, the search function also works with the encoder switch configuration, so if you search for the CC number you have doubts with, or for CC message types, you can reduce the number of possible cards to wonder through until you find the right one :slight_smile:

We’ll keep you posted on the updates!

Thanks for reporting :purple_heart: