Slectable/Enumerable Number of button states

So, this is really your fault showing me the togglable encoders :stuck_out_tongue:

But it would be really cool to set the number of “states” each encoder has… I mean, there’s 16 channels, why couldn’t I click and toggle through each channel…? (And hold my shift button from Make "Bank Selector" based on button "State" or signal rather than button itself could make you scroll the other way) Ditto for pads. IDK what I’d use 16 states for… but state 1 sends c, state 2 send b state c sends a 3… now we have a scale!

And enumerable, so I can say “state 1, red, state 2, blue…”

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Hey @qbrd sorry, we missed this request. It is a nice idea. I’ve added it to the list so we can have it in mind for future encoder/banks functionality improvements.