The strange MIDI controller collection thread (diy, custom, mods)

I’m always curious about strange, unique, and unusual controllers, so this thread is an attempt to put them all together. Please share if you’ve found some around. Also, try to link their creator(s) so we can have some context.

The latest one I met is by french artist Ouai Stéphane

Here a good article about how he is using it in Ableton and a video performing with it. Man, I love the attached telephone.


So much fun! I love those big arcade-joysticks.

It’s at the other end of the DIY-spectrum, but also in France: The Karlax from Dafact:

Super expressive, ergonomic, and powerful! I got to play one the last time I was in Paris and I was blown away.

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Amazing project! I love the industrial design of the “thing”.

Here is one I like a lot, Author & Punisher ultra custom setup.
Lovely how his hw is a crucial part of the visual impact of the show, reinforcing the overall aesthetics. The search for expressiveness in unusual gestures is impressive too. Really cool project.


Ander made his own custom controllers for Ableton. I was amazed the first time I saw these some years ago. They look amazing, sturdy, and really unified with his workflow.


Live set

This interview is almost 10 years old already!

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