Toggle buttons requiring double click to send off signal


i use some of my buttons to toggle the bypass of an effect on or off and in the past few weeks I’ve noticed that I have to press the button twice before it will send an OFF signal (0), and just once for sending an ON signal (127)
Normally i only have to press once for ON and once for OFF.
I can’t see any settings which would explain why this is happening.

Where I’m using toggle buttons elsewhere to switch between different modes (so only one thing can be selected at a time) the issue isn’t happening

I use Resolume (for visuals) and i tried linking the same software buttons to a different controller and they behaved correctly (one click on and off) so this must be an issue with my Yaeltex controller.

Can anyone advise?
thanks for your help, Suzybee :slight_smile:


hello @suzybee!

Did you look into how these buttons are configured in Kilowhat?

There are two modes for the buttons: Momentary and Toggle.

Momentary will work as a push button, and toggle works as a flip-switch.

In Resolume, if the buttons are set as Toggle, they will behave exactly like you say, you need 2 presses for ON and 1 again for OFF.

Try checking this in Kilowhat, and set the buttons to Momentary to make them work as you expect :slight_smile:

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Oh wow thankyou!
i just tried changing them to Momentary and it looks like from my initial test that’s solved it!
it’s funny, i don’t remember changing them all but at the same time i always thought Toggle was the correct setting because that’s how I expect the buttons to behave in Resolume (toggle on and off) - i thought Momentary meant that the button was only ON while you hold down the button… so i may have changed them thinking they should be set to Toggle…
Thankyou for the quick and easy fix, and now i know to use Momentary, not Toggle.
Cheers @francoytx :grin:

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Actually your thinking is correct.

Resolume takes momentary buttons and uses them as Toggle by default.
So every time you press, and it receives a velocity 127 it wil change the state of the parameter.
If you configure the button as Toggle in the controller, it’ll take two times pressing the button.

You can also change this behavior using the “Piano mode” in the MIDI shortcuts menu

Glad that you solved it!

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ah that’s great,
thanks for explaining (it’s really handy you know Resolume!)
i did wonder…

Thanks and Blessings,
Suzybee :grin: