Traktor mapping using Dört

Hi! Does anyone have a good mapping layout to use traktor with a Dört, or know where i can find it? I’ve never used traktor before so i’m a bit lost tbh… This would be really helpful! Jacques

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Hi @jacques.griffith!
Welcome to the forum!

This is the Kilowhat file
Dort-traktor.ytx (95.1 KB)

1- Open Kilowhat in Chrome or Brave and connect Dort to the computer.
2- Select “load from desktop” from the pop-up window and load the Dort-traktor.ytx into Kilowhat.
3- Wait till is loaded and send it to the controller.
4- Wait for the controller to reboot.

Remember: if you have a configuration in the controller you would like to save, do it first by saving it to your desktop.

This is the Traktor file
Dort:traktor.tsi (650.0 KB)

1 - Import the .tsi to Traktor

2 - Select Dort for In-Port and Out port

And this is what it does:

Bank 4 is free.

Of course, feel free to improve it!
Just by tweaking the preferences in Traktor there is a ton of cool things to do.

Have fun!


INCREDIBLE! Thank you for the quick response. Jacques

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