Use of Joystick for DAW Navigation

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I would like to use a joystick to scroll and pan the screen in my DAW. That would require sending arrow key presses. I know that you can configure joysticks to send keystrokes. As the joystick moves, does it send continuous keystrokes?

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Hi @phantomflt!

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Yes! Every change change detected in the position of the joystick will send a key event.

But, for the moment, arrows key events are not yet supported, though we are very close to being able to implement them.

For the moment we have a beta version that you can set to trigger letters, number, and some punctuation symbols, and use CTRL/CMD, ALT, or SHIFT as modifiers with them.

Keyboard functionality seems kind of complex when you try to accommodate to several possible keyboard layouts.

We’re aware that we need to document this feature better in the manual, and we will soon :slight_smile:

Hi, did you ever figure out arrow key events? I am not seeing them in the latest version.

Hi @chris.p.moyles!

We have yet to implement this.

I’ll let you know here when it’s ready.