Useful links for V1 controller owners

V1 was the first version of our custom Framework, developed and used between 2016 and 2019. It is now discontinued as we released the V2 framework in 2020.

For everyone with custom V1 controllers and electronics built by Yaeltex, DIY controllers made with the Arduino based Kilomux shield and Miniblock v1 limited edition, here you have some useful links. If you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to send me a private message here or drop me an email to mat(at)


KILOWHAT V1 (Legacy)

KILOMUX V1 - Arduino shield (Legacy)

Ouch, so this means that our hardware is no longer supported? Is there an upgrade path or are we just SoL?

What is V2? Why was there no announcement?

I’ve loved my controller, it’s a shame to learn that I won’t be able to use it soon.

Hey @qbrd, don’t panic! Your controller is part of our first batch of v2 controllers, which we started to sell and build in 2020.

This post is for v1 users, who purchased their controllers or DIY parts in early 2019 and before.

Your v2 still has a lot to live :star2:

Hi! I recently got a Miniblock v1 from a friend. Really nice vintage vibe with all those sturdy knobs and the wood. But I vale across this message and I’m confused. V1 miniblock is still compatible with the kilowhat engine? I’m planning to use ir as a controller for my Yamaha SY99 and my Kurzweil K2500S. Are all the midi valúes still configurable with kilowhat to assign to each encoder the function I want ir to do in the synths engines according to the manuals midi values? Or miniblock v1 is nowadays a peace of hardware with no custom configuration capabilities and no interaction with kilowhat anymore? Please clarify me. Thanks a los. Greetings from Poland!

Hello @gganzahanna!

Welcome to the forum!

You got a relic in your hands, a working relic :slight_smile:
If you download the Kilowhat V1 (Miniblock version) (same link as original post above) it should still work.

We are not mantaining it anymore, but in Windows at least it still works.
I’d guess Linux version also works.
In Mac, it could be that the conversion to the M processor series might have left Kilowhat unusable.

The V1 wiki is not available directly anymore, but the good Internet Archive comes to the rescue this time,

Have fun and let us know if you have more doubts!