Value to Color equivalent in Sysex?

I’m trying to set the color of an encoder ring using Control Surface Studio…

I have figured out how to do it, but at a bug cost I’m not willing to pay. I’m hoping someone can help guide me to the light….

In CSS I used a Reaction to listen to a looper state and send a velocity value based on the state. I have a custom Yaeltex controller, which is set to receive encoder ring color changes on channel 16 (the parameter value is sent on channel 8).

The encoder is “hardwired” to channel 8 in the hardware configuration of CSS.

  • First, I tried switching the script view to “custom” and manually changing the channel from 8 to 16 in the Reaction code….which did nothing

  • Second, I created a “dummy” encoder in the hardware configuration, gave it the same CC number, but changed the channel to 16 and routed the Reaction Action to the dummy encoder. I was sooooo happy to see that this worked!!...when I changed the state of the looper, the encoder ring colors I wanted displayed…Yay! HOWEVER, what I found out is that by having that dummy encoder in the hardware configuration and script, it totally jacked up other aspect of my [stable] script (mode changes, LED colors, etc all acting up)

  • CSS gives me the option to send raw MIDI (sysex) to the controller, but I’m not able to find any documentation on how I would send an encoder “value to color” change using sysex.

From a Yaeltex Perspective, is there any way to determine the sysex for sending a color change to an encoder?

From a CSS perspective (if anyone here knows), is there any way to send parameter value (velocity) to the encoder on channel 8 and color value (velocity) to the encoder on channel 16?

Hello @Neil !

Regarding the CSS bug unfortunately I can’t help there, hopefully someone here who reads this may.

On the Yaeltex side of things, we don’t have yet a way to easily change the configurations on the fly.

But behold… I said easily.

In v0.21, which is very soon to be released, we added this. But, for now, it’s a bit hard to accomplish.

You need to change the whole configuration for the encoder, or button, or analog, which is a bit tricky.

We can help you if you wanna go down this path, it’ll take a bit of programming knowledge.

Otherwise, be patient, and we hope to release a simpler method on the next Firmware update (after v0.21).


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