Value to Color + Value to Intensity compatibility


I noticed an issue when using the Value to Intesity feature in conjunction with the Value to Color configuration.

When I use Value to Intensity alone, everything works fine, however when Value to Color information is sent, the intensity is frozen at its last value.
This problem happens on the led pads and I don’t know if this is also the case for the other elements.

I can reproduce the problem simply by configuring traktor like this:
// Create an entry to configure a modifier
Modifier 1 (In) | Set to value ‘1’ (Hold) | Ch01.Note.D5

// Create a Value To Color output for the modifier
Modifier 1 (Out) | Min 0 -> ‘95’ (Purple) Max 1 -> ‘115’ (Magenta) | Ch01.Note.D5

// Create a Value To Intensity output for the master out (Meter)
Master Out Level (Out) | Min 0.0 -> ‘0’ Max 1.0 -> 127 | Ch15.Note.D5

In this case, the intensity change works until I press the button. The button then changes correctly to Magenta but the intensity is now frozen.



Hello @Hiys!

Thank you for reporting this.

I found that a piece of code in the controller that causes the intensity to not be updated when the button is in an OFF state.
Mainly it is there to prevent extra computing if the button is actually OFF, so no lights, no intensity variation.

This being said, we found a weird behaviour on Traktor’s side.
I configured the same as you, but in the Modifier #1 output, using this configuration everything works as expected:

In our case, if the Blend function is active, Traktor will send feedback to the controller when either you press or release the button.
If it isn’t enabled, then Traktor only sends the Value To Intensity feedback, but no update on the changes in the state of the button.
So then, the Value To Intensity updates are only visible when the button is pressed, because the controller at this point knows the button is ON, and when it isn’t pressed, the controller will interpret there are no lights, then it won’t update.

Supposedly, the Blend function in Traktor has no use for Buttons, but it is definitely changing how the software handles and reports feedback to the controller.

Hope this gives you the possibility to make it work as you expect!

We will work on that piece of code to improve it to consider the cases when no feedback is received and the light is still ON.

If you have any further questions, let us know!