VUMeter CC, how does it work?

How does this work? The manual says the controller will receive VUMeter feedback on the same CC in channel 16. But is there an example of what is sending feedback? I’m not using Ableton but know it well enough that if someone has an example on setting this up with Ableton (or any other DAW), it would help me understand how this works. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hello @manymanyhaha!

Here is a video that shows how this mode works.

You need Ableton to send the vumeter information as CC on channel 16. This can be done in a few ways, for example remote scripts, a dedicated MAX device, or a combination of both.

For both we have something you can try.

This is a Max device
This is a Max device (262.5 KB) made by @nacaramusic.
You throw this device in a MIDI track and set the output to send messages to channel 16. Previously you have to make sure the MIDI port is set as Track output in the preferences
Then on the device itself you can set which track sends which CC.

image image

The other option you can try is the Universal remote script we developed for our controllers. In the User guide you can find information on how to enable it the VUMETER feature.
This feature is in really early stage, so if you want to test it and give us feedback, it’ll be good for us.

Hope this helps!
Let us know if you need more assistance :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you.

I’m actually using Gig Performer, just thought that since Ableton is so popular that I might could translate that process over to GP.

But after inquiring in their forum, it does not appear to be possible. GP has customizable meters but does not translate them to midi CC. Maybe in the future they will implement it.

So much appreciate the help. Thanks!

Actually, found a solution.

Blue Cat DP Meter Pro 4 will translate Peak, RMS and Crest levels to midi CC and it is working. (Tried PizMidi but it crashed Gig Performer).



Great to know this!!

Hopefully this will be useful to more people using GP.

Thanks for sharing!

But not just for Gig Performer but any DAW/host that either does not support Volume/Amplitude levels to CC or is difficult to set up. Blue Cat DP Meter Pro 4 was actually pretty easy. There is an 8 channel/surround version so if you have 8 encoders and want to VUMETER CC them, you can route the 8 signals to just one plugin. Pretty cool.