What are you using for a stand?

What’s everyone using for a stand?

I got a https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WRDS8H0 (for my Push 2 actually and ended up not liking it for that, so that’s what I’ve been using).

It works ok, but it’s a bit wobbly. Especially interacting with buttons toward the top of the controller…

There’s a few places that do custom controllers… But those get expensive quick.

What are you using for a stand?

Thanks! :tada:


I cool idea could be to do a .3d model and share it to 3d printed it in local shops?

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Oooh yea, that would be a cool idea!

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First attempts to a 3D printed stand, it´s very basic and still needs work… but i wanted your feedback…

I made the angle parametrized so it’s easy to change, I guess it’s what people would like to customize.

I should also make another set of stands for the case of having more than one controller of different sizes, and you want to perfectly align the front panels.


definitely better than a couple of door stoppers which is what i use :slight_smile:


@Ale this is great! It’s almost what I’ve been using for my Push: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N3XDR9Y

It would be really nice if the stand itself was adjustable… but in my experience with laptop stands (i.e.: the one linked in the first post), they’re either fixed and sturdy or movable and not as sturdy. So being able to pick a 10/20/30/etc degree angle before manufacture could be a good alternative.

My biggest complaint with the adjustable stand is that it’s too short. I’m not “playing” my Yaeltex controller quite like I do the Push, but when interacting with the buttons toward the top if I’m not careful the thing is prone to “tip over” as the stand seems to create a fulcrum below the “mid point” so to speak.

Also, desk real estate is a premium… the controller is 18" long, but I don’t have 16" of desk space to dedicate to a controller ([1]) What if the stand was a 45* angle, and the base was only 8in ([2]) the back vertical support would be short of the top support…

image (the green space would be “open air”, I should have used blue!)

I will say, I use two of the fixed silver stands (this one) for my DJ Controller (one of the ones for the Push, but that gets moved as I have limited desk space…), and because they’re individual units it can be challenging to get the two stands lined up and the controller situated properly. If there was maybe some modular way to stack these together, like the fixed silver one but have 2/3/4/5000! connected together, I’d bet you’d have a unique marketable product. Heck, if I could angle that silver thing like… 10* closer to me I’d have the PERFECT Push stand…

Anyway, I’m a fan! I think if you could somehow solve the “adjustable stands aren’t sturdy” problem that would be beyond amazing, and just because no one has solved it yet… I think the main supports need to be connectable to create one unit, the more modular the better, but I’d prefer something that’s sturdy over something that’s modular…

(Also, wild and crazy dream that I can’t seem to find anywhere… would be some kind of “boom arm” stand, similar to my mic stand that I can clamp to the far side of my desk and when I don’t need my mic I just push it up and away out of the way, but when I need it, it’s easy to grab and pull into place… THAT, but for my various controllers… My Yaeltex controller is maybe too heavy for the kind of boom arm that my mic is on… but what about a keystep? I dunno, like I say this is a wild and crazy dream and only tangentially related the the above…)

Anyway, that’s my two cents! :smiley:


Another thought: what if the bottom of the controller had some threaded holes that you could use to attach legs or stands for something really sturdy? no idea if that’s possible. I guess attachment points on the sides might work too, but who would want to mess with the lovely wood?


Hey guys, thanks for the ideas!

Nice one!

Agreed, we could make some variations with different angles, that would be no problem. But an adjustable solution would be dope. Something on these lines? Maybe with some kind of join between the two stands to make it more robust? Or anti-slip something glued to the surface where the controller rests?

I think this will only work if the stands are attached somehow to the controller as Mike suggested,

Not at all. We were thinking of some kind of a solution for this. What about VESA? It’s robust, cheap, and widely available. It’s not what is intended for, but it may do the trick? I like the 4 points attachment better than e.g. the consumer camera 1/4 and 3/8 holes/screws. Agreed with @mike on not wanting to touch the wood case :wink:

Does anyone with a “large wide” unit, such as the Hachi, have a sense of whether this stand would work well or not?


Looks nice, but I haven’t tried it or anything similar. It doesn’t seem to say anywhere how wide the stand is. The padding/non-slide on the top is nice, but I don’t see anything on the bottom to stop it from sliding.

Here’s a similar model, which is only about 7" wide, which seems too narrow to be stable with a large controller.

What about this one? or this thing? but clearly the best option would be this.

Hey @mike! Thanks for the response and thought.

After further thought, I think I’m going to build a custom stand out of wood that look how I want, at the angle I want, and I know it will fit. Until then, I dawned on me that I still have this stand from IKEA that I purchased for my Ableton Push 2. It’s not the angle I want, But it is wide enough and sturdy enough to get me through until I build one from scratch. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/braeda-laptop-support-black-60150176/


I have a couple of those; my Wavestate sits on one. I also have a few of their tablet stand, which are good for small boxes like a JP-08 or Machinedrum. I think whether it works with the controller depends on how exuberant you are with your button presses :slight_smile:


hahah loved this one. I think most of the stands made for 13" laptops will be a bit unstable, but damn I want to test them all.

Large controller outer dimensions: are 450x345 mm, this stand is a little smaller (420x317mm) but the rubber pads on the back panel should fit alright as they are around 2 cms away from the borders.

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I also came across this one last week, which looks interesting. Technically their XL would fit a large horizontal case. And with the mirrored back configuration you could even add a second tier.

Ultimately, I am going to build my own stand, but these designs gave me some useful ideas.

I have to admit that at first sight, they seem a bit fragile, but with enough locks, I think it might work for 2 units! Interesting modular concept, and packable in “2d” layers. Thanks for sharing!

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Funny enough I was looking around for a stand for my controller and this thread popped up - I have mine on a Loci XL right now. Which definitely works, but currently looking for something with less of an angle.


No stand suggestions, but your controller looks great!


Thanks! Still setting things up. I went through a bunch of iterations and landed on a very purpose built idea for Ableton live performance similar to a DJ setup. 2 “decks” each with 4 tracks, effects on each channel, effects on each “deck” and then master effects. And the crossfader to transition between decks/songs