Wiki? (or what about an alternative?)

Badges! We need stinkin’ badges!

Seriously though, there’s an “edit the wiki” badge.

IS there a wiki? Should there be a wiki? Search in the forum is ok… but I feel like it isn’t organized in such a way that makes finding “how do I X”, or “what does X mean” an always obvious task…

Then again, maintaining a wiki IS work… and maybe things are moving at such a rapid pace that anything recorded in a wiki is immediately outdated… so maybe at least at this point, it doesn’t make sense to have a wiki.

You could also have a RTFM/readthedocs style site that’s generated from markdown in a Gitlab repo and built and uploaded via Gitlab CI pipeline… so any edits have to be approved by your team, but would be “open source” so to speak such that anyone could contribute, and don’t really require any work as far as “publishing changes” other than review for factual content. I’d be happy to set that up for you/us.


At this point, the forum and the manuals are the main sources of info. As you suggested a Wiki can be a bit static for this moment, I didn’t know the project but it looks interesting. I like the idea, lets give it a shot? If you are still up to set it up, DM and we can set a Gitlab project for this.

the badge is likely related to discourse feature where you can change your post to a wiki, and as far as i know that just makes it editable by everybody. useful for something where you want multiple people being able to edit but not a replacement for proper wiki.

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Awesome, been a busy week with work. I’ll get a skeleton pulled together.