Wishes for creating Banks in Kilowhat

Since i configuring different banks for different vst synths lately I want to gather some wishes here for creating banks.

In general i would be happy to have some more flexible copy features. as far as i am aware now it is only possible for the whole bank.

often i work with several colors and also several midi channels in one bank. i set up one bank and want to copy it it to other banks. so when i copy them to another bank i can change the color and channel for the bank
but that only would work for me if all the ctrls would have the same color and midi channel.

some ideas for options:

  • lock some controls for duplicating / or lock color
  • copy to all banks (just one controller, or with shift click for more)
  • copy to all banks (change midi channel to bank channel)
  • auto augment cc feature

Yep, true.

Thanks for the input, I added your suggestions to the feature request list.
And I agree, that there is a lot of room for improvement in that department.