[FIXED] Split Mode + Dead Zone + return-to-center-joysticks = glitchy

I’m so excited about the combination of these features on return-to-center joysticks! I built a dedicated Max for Live device to get this behavior from my Yaeltex controller and I’m so glad you are building this directly into the firmware, and with higher than 7-bit precision too!

I did some basic testing and it appears to me that the CCs do not reliably return to 0 when I release my joysticks. They often get “stuck” at values of 1 or 2, but with some aggressively fast playing they will sometimes stop at values as high as 9 or 16.

Is it possible fast-moving analogs (like return-to-center joysticks) can change values so quickly that the Dead Zone feature takes action to suppress new values too quickly, before the analog sends its “resting” value?

Thanks for your time!
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Hello @moldover!

Yep, you found a bug!

Tested and found the same thing, seems we didn’t test it aggressively enough before :grin:

I tried a pretty simple fix and it seems to work for me, but please if you still find something glitchy let me know: ytx-v2-firmware-0-21-dead-zone-0-fix.bin (111.5 KB)

It’s a firmware to be used with the latest Firmware manager, and if you haven’t yet upgraded to v0.20, it’ll be mandatory to follow the steps to upgrade firmware AND configuration described in this post


Hey Franco,

You can count on me to test “aggressively” :wink:

I just spent a few minutes testing your new firmware and it seems to work perfectly with the SplitMode + DeadZone + ReturnToCenterJoysticks. Well done! I’m so glad I can scrap these Max4Live devices I’ve been using for all of that. Thanks for the quick fix!