Keystroke not detected

Hello guys, I’m newer in the forum, I just received my controller 1 week ago and I started to program with YURS script and mapping.

One of the problems that I not solved is when I program a Keystroke “CMD+A” for example not works.

I programed Keystroke on a Digital button and like a Note.

I’m with OSX 14.3.1.

At same time I want to ask if is possible to make and Undo/Redo Button, for Undo I must make a keystroke of CMD Z but for Redo I need to assign CMD+Shift+Z and I think that I only can assign Shift or CMD, any solution about this?

thx in advance!

Hello @peperbdeejay!

There was a similar question a while ago, check my answer :slight_smile:

Basically, Command key needs a different code and we still haven’t added it.

Sorry for that, we are working on improving the keystroke feature.

Stay tuned :slight_smile: