What I'll be using my controller for

I thought I’d share what I’m planning on doing with my controller. For a few years, I’ve been working on a sequencer called “Hachi”. It’s written in Java, runs headless on a raspberry pi (but can run on Mac and other things), and uses a Novation Launchpad Pro as the controller. It’s open source:

I plan on working on a new version using my Yaeltex as the controller. First step is rewriting it a little more generally to make it easier to sub in different hardware, so it will continue working on the Launchpad or other hardware like Push or the Akai Fire. Of course, my Yaeltex has a LOT more buttons than any of those, so it will be able to do a lot more :slight_smile:

Here are a couple videos:


This is freaking amazing @mike and I (and I think I can speak for the rest of Yaeltex’s team) really can’t wait to see this working with your Hachi controller :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Wow! That’s super cool!

Do you have a description of what is each module is capable of?
Are you planing in porting all of them? im very curious about the Shihai, drawing and palette ones.

Being that you made it open source, it’s easy to imagine that this will serve as a seed/inspiration for many other projects.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing it working too :slight_smile:

There’s documentation here, including module descriptions and button layouts: https://github.com/perkowitz/issho/tree/master/doc/hachi

The main sequencing module now is Seq, which implements most of the functionality of some of the older ones (rhythm, mono, beat, etc). Step is its own fun thing which I will definitely port. And Para will probably be incorporated into Seq as well.

Shihai is a special case. It’s designed to control the other modules from one place, so you can do mutes and fills on multiple modules. I will probably incorporate it as part of the main control rather than make it a module of its own.

Drawing, I will probably figure out how to make it run on an extra device (e.g. on a launchpad while using the yaeltex for control), but the ideal would be to run it on a 16x16 grid for higher resolution drawings… as soon as I can afford another yaeltex :slight_smile:

My hope is still to make it so it can function reasonably with different hardware, maybe even multiples at a time, but I haven’t figured out all the software design for it yet. But keeping it so it can work on common hardware as well as custom stuff would be vital to making it appealing for others to adopt the code.