How to update firmware for v2 controllers using the Yaeltex Firmware Manager


In order to update the firmware for your controller you will need to download the Firmware loader for your OS:

In macOS you only need to drag the file to your Applications folder.

Then, you’ll need the firmware file.

There is an unified file for update Yaeltex controllers . The file is named like this:

  • ytx-v2-firmware-vX-XX.bin

where vX-XX corresponds to the version number, for example: v0-20

You can always find the latest firmware on our Gitlab page, inside the binaries folder. We’ll also post the updates in the Update log category in this forum.
Download the ytx-v2-firmware file corresponding to the version you want to use.


  1. Open the application, and select the MIDI device from the list.

  2. Choose the entry that matches the name of your controller to put it into bootloader mode. If it fails (typically in Windows) the port might already be taken by another application, so make sure to close every application that might be using your MIDI ports, i.e. Kilowhat or a MIDI monitor.

  3. When it succeeds to open the port, it will automatically reboot your controller to bootloader mode (you will see some colors cycle on the Yaeltex logo), and set it ready to receive a new firmware. You will see Device: KilomuxBOOT and a blue check icon right next to MIDI device label when all is set. Also, you will see “Connected” in the status label.
    If you only see the Device: None, try restarting the YTX Firmware Manager app.

  4. Now, select the file by pressing the Load File button
    file selection1
    Choose the right firmware file and press OK

  5. If the update file its OK, you will see the File: ytx-v2-firmware-vX-XX.bin and a blue check icon right next to Firmware label
    file selection2

  6. If the connection with the device is correct and the update file is loaded, you will see “Ready!” in blue on the status label.
    It only remains to send the update

  7. Press SEND TO DEVICE button to start the update. You will see a progress bar indicating the update process
    when it completes the controller will be restarted and ready to go!

NOTE: Updating a firmware won’t erase your Kilowhat configuration


If by any chance, after a firmware update you don’t see your controller listed as a USB device anymore, we set a hard entry to the bootloader.

For this you’ll need a MIDI cable. Hopefully, you have one of those, and if you don’t, there is still a way to make it work: Wired way to enter force bootloader entry

Steps for this are:

  1. Unplug USB.
  2. Plug the MIDI OUT port to the MIDI IN port with a DIN5 MIDI cable. If you don’t have a MIDI DIN5 cable, it’ll be a little harder, but it can be done. You’d need to wire like in the picture linked above, both pins 4 and 5 on the MIDI OUT connector to its matching pin on the MIDI IN connector.
  3. Plug the USB, and you should see that the status LED cycles through different colors. This indicates bootloader mode is active.
  4. You should see the green “KilomuxBOOT” label in the firmware loader app.
  5. Send the firmware to the controller.
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Recommend a MIDI cable? I was going to order one of these:

I at the moment don’t have anything that does MIDI… I’m assuming MIDI cables are like HDMI cables where there’s no real “signal quality” since it’s all digital? I don’t need gold plated MIDI cables, right? Especially for just an emergency reset in an edge case scenario… but let’s assume I had other devices doing midi I still don’t need gold plated MIDI cables, right?

Feature request: Sell us a 1’ midi cable! $10 upsell! lol. Or even make a “reset cable”… (you could connect pin 3 <->6 and 2 <-> 4 like a “MIDI crossover”, then the reset cable (or two paper clips, which at the moment I can’t scrounge up… lol) would be required…)


monoprice cables are usually pretty good and not overpriced, in my experience.

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Just to clarify: You don’t need a MIDI cable to update/upload firmware to your controller. The MIDI cable is needed in special cases where you may need to brute-force the controller in bootloader mode. (hopefully no often, but sh* happens :slight_smile: )

Regarding the MIDI cable (which is a good idea to have around) I would say:
For permanent installations, any MIDI cable will do fine. for example that one from amazon.
If you plan to move it around alot, I would avoid the molded ones on the ends, and find a stronger conector. At leasts you can repair it.

But I have seen cheep +20 year old MIDI cables working fine.

Indeed! But being that I didn’t have one on hand, I just knew I would be that one time something happens… :smiley:

I did get the cable above, just in case… and happy to report the firmware update went swimmingly! Super easy, barely an inconvenience! Actually, no inconvenience, the firmware updater is super easy to use!

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So what if Kilowhat had a “hard boot” key combination? Like, still keep this with the midi cable as a failsafe…? But you could record (similar to my other power button request Feature request: Power Button ) “if I see these buttons pressed when I’m booting do ‘The Hustle!’”

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Hiya, I just downloaded the desktop loader app. I have a PC. I’m just wondering where the app is saved to once installed as I can’t see it in my list of applications, in case I need to open it again?
Many thanks! Suzybee :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @suzybee!

Welcome to the forum!

The loader app is an executable file, so you don’t need to install anything, just double click it and it should open the app.

Let me know if something’s wrong with this :slight_smile:

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thanks for your helpful reply.
So you’re saying if I need to use it again i just double click the .exe file I downloaded again and use it that way? I’ve never come across that before, I thought .exe files were just for installing software…

The process of installing the firmware worked fine following the instructions, I was just thinking about next time…

Suzybee :grinning:


You can save it wherever you want and make a shortcut link to access it i.e.

The file you download from this forum is all you need :slight_smile:

Whatever we can help with, just let us know :wink:


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Ah that’s wonderful,
thanks for confirming that for me!
Suzybee :grin: